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Головна » 2022 » Январь » 18 » • What are EB-1 Green Cards?

 •  What are EB-1 Green Cards?

Among all the employment-based choices, the EB-1 green card is one of the fastest ways to gain permanent residency in the United States. The EB-1 is the first-choice category for employment-based green cards. Each year, a total of 140,000 people apply for green cards under the employment-based category, with each country only able to collect 7% (9,800) of the total. In this article a visa eb1 lawyer explains what are the EB-1 Green Cards in detail

New York, United States

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There are five types of employment-based (EB) classifications. The first is EB-1, which is reserved for "priority workers" who are given first consideration in obtaining a green card. The EB-1 Green Card is based on the applicant's exceptional abilities in their field of work. There are three subcategories of priority employees who will qualify under the EB-1 category. Know what immigration espacialists say about immigration at abogados especialistas en inmigracion.

Extraordinary Ability (EA)

An evident of superior abilities in the field of science, art, education, business, or athletics. Must be able to provide relevant proof of recognition: Outstanding Professor and Researcher (OPR)

Intended for highly-acknowledged scholars or scientists: Multinational Executives and Managers (MEM)

Executives or managers of multinational companies who are starting a new office/business in the United States. The other option is being an executive or manager who is being transferred to the United States by a reputable international company.

EB-1 Processing Time

The first thing to understand about visa processing times is that they can vary greatly depending on a number of circumstances. The first factor is the service center's caseload—the busier the center, the longer it will take to complete your petition. The complexity of your issue is the second aspect to consider. If the USCIS issues an RFE or a NOID, your application will be delayed. Finally, you must consider your priority date as well as the time it will take to become current, which differs according on your country of origin. Fortunately, unlike other employment-based green cards, the PERM processing time is not factored into your overall schedule.

Priority Dates

The day the USCIS receives your I-140 is your EB-1 green card priority date. You'll need to look through the Department of State's monthly visa bulletin for the most up-to-date final action dates, which are broken down by beneficiary's place of origin. Your priority date will be considered current once the final action date for your nation matches or exceeds your EB-1 priority date, and you can proceed to the final step. If you're living in Houston, Texas, the immigration law firms in houston tx is the choice to make to get your EB-1 visas.

It's worth noting that the time it takes for priority dates to become current in some countries can be as long as several years. The more people from your nation who apply for the EB-1 visa, the longer it will take. Even if you choose premium processing to speed up your petition, you must wait for your priority date to be current before proceeding.

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